Map of Buriram

Buriram, known as the city of pleasantness, is one of largest and most populated provinces in Isan (the northeastern region). The name Buriram means the "city of happiness" or the "city of joy". Buriram is a land of ancient Khmer prosperity. The southern part of the province has a number of Khmer sanctuaries, the most magnificent being Phanom Rung, regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of Khmer architecture in Thailand. Other places worth to visit include:

Khao Kradong Forest Park : This extinct volcano is now a relaxation spot. On its top (265 meters) it houses "Phra Suphattharabophit", a large Buddha image which is the symbol of Buriram.

Huai Talat Reservoir and Buri Ram Bird Park : A survey found more than 100 species of birds living in this area during the dry season which lasts from November to April.

Ancient Kiln Sites : The kilns date from around the 9th-10th century and were use to make glazed potteries, during the Khmer period. It was probably the center of ceramic productions to supply other cities.

Prasat Hin Phanom was built from sandstone and late rite during the 10th to 13th centuries. Like most Khmer temples, the shrine was dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva and symbolizes Mount Meru.

Buriram Hotels

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