Map of Chumphon

Chumphon is a sea coast city parallel to the Gulf of Thailand and is the gateway to other southern provinces. Along more than 200km of Chumphon's seashore, there are many beautiful and picturesque beaches. Still maintaining the natural beauty, the province is best for those who seek relaxation in the natural and uniquely quiet atmosphere.

Attractions include beaches, islands, national parks, waterfalls, caves with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and mountains.

Chumphon is also a hub for travellers going to or coming from divers paradise Koh Tao. Accommodation range from hotels and resorts to guesthouses and is readily available.

Chumphon Hotels

A-Te' Hotel Chumphon
Chumphon, Muang
No reviews yet.
from 43 $
Armonia Village Resort & Spa
Chumphon, Pathiew
Rating : 10.0 / 10
(1 review)
from 54 $
Baan Talay Thungwualaen
Chumphon, Pathiew
Rating : 7.8 / 10
(9 reviews)
from 23 $
Chumphon Cabana & Diving Resort
Chumphon, Pathiew
Rating : 6.6 / 10
(42 reviews)
from 33 $
Jansom Chumphon Hotel
Chumphon, Muang
Rating : 5.2 / 10
(14 reviews)
from 17 $
Sai Ngam Beach Resort
Chumphon, Pathiew
No reviews yet.
from 28 $
Tusita Resort & Spa
Chumphon, Tungtako
Rating : 0.0 / 10
(1 review)
from 69 $

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