Map of Kalasin

Kalasin, the land of Pong Lang music, also called as the "Queen of Silk" for its famous Phrae Wa hand-woven silk cloths and shawls. It is 520km north-east of Bangkok and most of the province is covered by hilly landscape.

In the north is the Lam Pao dam built 1963-1968, storing 1,430 million m³ of water for flood prevention and agriculture. Most parts of the province is fertile agricultural land, producing sticky rice and other cash crops such as manioc and sugar cane.

In recent years the province became most famous for the dinosaur fossils found at Phu Kum Khao, the largest dinosaur site in Thailand. Most of the fossils are from the giant Sauropods of 120 million years ago.

Phra Buddha Saiyat Phu Khao is a reclining Buddha Image carved on a stone cliff and differs from other reclining Buddha images as the figure reclines on the left-side instead of the normal right-side. Built around 1692, the image is highly venerated by local worshippers.

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