Map of Loei

Loei is one of Thailand's most beautiful and unspoiled provinces. The land is mountainous and the temperature goes from one extreme to the other, the weather being hotter than elsewhere in Thailand during the hot season and colder during the winter season.

The culture is an unusual mix of northern and north-eastern influences which has produced more than one local dialect. The rural life of Loei outside the provincial capital has retained more of a traditional village flavor than many other places in Thailand.

Situated along the Phetchabun Mountain Range, Loei is a province that rises app. 400 meters above sea level and even wine is cultivated here. Loei Winery can be visited as one of the few ones in Thailand. Every year in May/June the illustrious Phi Ta Khon festival is celebrated when young man dress as spirits during a parade.

Loei has some beautiful national parks, including one of Thailand's most famous ones, Phu Kradung, a bell shaped mountain (1,325 meters) and Phu Rua with one of it's cliffs jutting from the peak is shaped as the bow of a Chinese junk. Phu Luang is a Wildlife Sanctuary up to an altitude of 1,550m.

Loei Hotels

Forra Hill Resort
150 Loei-Dansai Road, KM. 8.7, Tambol Seaw
Rating : 0.0 / 10
(1 review)
from 23 $
Loei Palace Hotel
Loei-Naduang Road, Kudpong,
Rating : 9.0 / 10
(2 reviews)
from 29 $
Phu Na Come Resort
461 Moo 3 Ban Doen
No reviews yet.
from 68 $
Phu Pha Nam Resort
252 Moo 1, Koakngam, Amphur Dansai,
Rating : 8.0 / 10
(8 reviews)
from 71 $

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