Map of Ranong

A mountainous and heavily forested province, Ranong is best known as a fishing and trading port and contains various natural attractions and is blessed with hot springs and unspoiled mangrove forests.

Ranong town is a gateway to Myanmar and the famous hot springs are just outside of town, where an arboretum and various first-class hotels cater to visitors eager to benefit from the mineral waters.

Some small islands off the coast, like Koh Phayam, welcome visitors with a quiet, unspoiled tropical island ambiance and basic accommodation is availble. They also provide excellent game fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Ranong Hotels

Andaman Club
Ranong, Koh Son
Rating : 6.4 / 10
(1 review)
from 48 $
Buffalo Bay Vacation Club
Koh Phayam
No reviews yet.
from 22 $
Payam Cottage Resort
Koh Phayam
Rating : 4.6 / 10
(1 review)
from 39 $
Tinidee Hotel @ Ranong
Ranong City
Rating : 7.0 / 10
(17 reviews)
from 30 $

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