Map of Roi Et

Roi Et in Thai translates to "101", referring to the original 11 satellite cities around the main city as well as the 11 city gates. To express the importance of the city the number was exaggerated. Roi Et town, about 510km north-east of Bangkok, is built around an artificial lake which local people enjoy for all kinds of leisure activities.

Thailand’s tallest standing Buddha (68 meters high) can be found here at Wat Buraphaphiram. A staircase enables visitors to climb up to his knee-high level. Ku Kasing is a Khmer sanctuary dating from the 11th century. Pha Nam Yoi or Isan Buddhist Park covers a forest with wide varieties of hardwood trees and is home to various kinds of wild animals. It has a large stone cliff having running water and small springs coming out from the wall.

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