Map of Saraburi

Saraburi, a province in the upper central region of Thailand, is rich in tourist attraction resources including natural sites, artifacts, festivals, temples as well as historical sites. Located 108km from Bangkok and 65km from Ayutthaya it is easy to visit within a day. The most important Buddhist temple Wat Phra Phutthabat, built in the 17th century, is located around a Buddha footprint. This is the most popular pilgrimage site within central Thailand.

Two national parks are located in the province. Namtok Chet Sao Noi protects 28km² around a scenic waterfall. Phra Phutthachai protects the Khao Sam Lan Forest, which consists of hilly landscape and is the source to several rivers and waterfalls.

Activities in the area include cliff climbing at Wat Phra Chai and exploring Saraburi's longest cave - Tham Lumphini Suan Hin, with a length of 1800 meter. Accommodations with international standards are available in town and on the riverside as well as a golf course surrounded by some of the most beautiful country in Thailand.

Saraburi Hotels

Kyo-Un Hotel
Rating : 5.8 / 10
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Muaklek Health & Spa and Resort
Saraburi, Muaklek
Rating : 3.6 / 10
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Ndol Streamside Thai Villas
Saraburi, Muaklek
No reviews yet.
from 60 $
Supalai Pasak Resort Hotel
Rating : 3.6 / 10
(2 reviews)
from 27 $

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