Map of Yasothon

Yasothon is famous for its boisterous Rocket Festival - Boon Bang Fai. Every year in May giant home-made missiles are shot into the air in a symbolic rain-making prayer. The rockets decorated beautifully with Thai traditional patterns in gold color will be displayed on huge carts during a parade through the city. The next day, the rockets will be launched in a big field. Traditionally the owner of the rocket which did not launch successfully will be thrown into a muddy pond.

Wat Mahathat is a much-visited Lao-style chedi, said to be over 1,200 years old. It enshrines holy relics of Phra Ananda who was one of Buddha's main disciples. That Kong Khao Noi is an ancient Khmer chedi with a much revered brick and stucco Buddha that is ritually bathed every April.

The handicraft village of Ban Si Than is famed for the triangular pillows, called Mon Kwan, used in most Thai households. Yasothon is also famed for other handicrafts such as Khit cloth, replica cart, sticky rice container and basketry.

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